Wendy Speed

Connected: when to cut the cord?

Glazed clay sculpture.
Fabric, wool and beads on a nylon kite. 

wendy speed1

Inspired and dedicated to all my clients at placement from a primary school setting.

The universal desire to be connected to a parental figure is noticeably apparent, and strong. As a therapist, the time must come to cut the connection in the hope that the client will travel safely and smoothly to the next chapter of their journey in life.

Therapy Family

wendy speed 2

Created to capture a very special time in my training, which I will treasure always.

Who do you identify with? The baby figure? Mummy? Daddy? Wise Owl? Scapegoat?! Perhaps, at times, all the wonderfully diverse characters

Contact details: wendyspeedarttherapy@gmail.com


My Titles. Your Titles?

Acrylic paint, spray paint, enamel & mixed media

This piece is a collective, visual diary of my learnings and experiences from my first year studying art psychotherapy. The wise words derived from my supervisors, personal therapist, peers and from within has inspired my creative development.

My unconscious has been exposed enabling me to confront, process and discover myself from a new and enlightened perspective.

Website Image1

Contact details: wendyspeedarttherapy@gmail.com


One thought on “Wendy Speed

  1. Dearest Wendy,
    What an inspiring, beautiful piece of creativity. I am sooo impressed by your honesty and feel only a true artist can touch the souls of others by exposing oneself in the way you have. I hope you have touched others in the same way you have touched me,within this work. It’s brave, beautiful, anarchic, real and it’s the stuff we are all made of. Thank you sista
    Love and light.
    Sammy ❤️. A fellow human xxx


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