Voraprada Voratananchai

The Dialogue Between Life and Death

My Funeral

Texts associate with found objects, audiences’ interactions. 

During to process of working in my final placement, within a care home.  I worked closely with life as well as death.  Still, it was and it is difficult for me to picture the death.

This journey has been involved closely with my fears. I have been rehearsing for My death in many ways, and trying to find the art of dying — aside with the art of living.

This time, this year, i’d like to take the opportunity to rehearse my own death in another form.

‘Everyday we die, a little.’ And I die many times within this course (MA Art Psychotherapy) then reborn, and learnt from the pain and tears.

The artist would ask the audience to interact with (her) death by reading something for her so that the death will no longer be hidden within our murmur voice.

voraprada voratananchai1

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Dialogue of Chairs

Juxtaposition of existing materials.

2 Variety Pack

the untold story

in the space

detailed, that draws us into


         By the sea.

         By night.

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