On Friday, we went to the cemetery. We didn’t have much of a plan, but perhaps that’s the point. We scrabbled through the trail, twisting and guarded by brambles, until at last we found the Witch’s Tree. She was magnificent; a giant oak, adorned with fake flowers, golden pine cones and a greenish light in a gnarled hollow. She even held the sunken grave of a young man, his body now buried in the soil. We were quiet beneath her humming leaves, acquainting ourselves and wondering where we might go from here.

Ju Yung had brought a crystal wand with her. She dug a little hole in the soil and we used sticks and detritus to prop it up, the wand delighting in the oak. We paused to look at these two pillars of quartz and wood, held in reverie, dreaming in the dappled shade.

Paolo had brought his moon shaped drum, and he led a low beat. It resonated within us, and we remembered a fire bird we had talked about last year. Susy and Ju tried drumming too. We were shy at first, but we found our beats. It felt so good to trust one another.

We talked about the light, the birds, mysteries and how rare it was to share this beauty so slowly and naively. We thought about the oak’s roots, and how large they might be. Did you know that roots connect different plants to each other? They communicate, relate and share.

We drew one of Susy’s tarot cards each and the queer drawings of fire and air lifted us to our feet. We wandered through the cemetery along quiet paths, finding our materials; dirt, leaves, rocks, fake flowers and sticks. We even found wormwood, or artemisia, the dreaming plant. There is something about dreaming that is akin to art making. They say it’s meant to be as solitary as self care, but in the graveyard we had found a winding path that we could all follow. Making, dreaming and caring, together.

One foot in front of the other, wild eyed as children at every flower, grave and clod, we played a magical path through the woods. We gave ourselves the space and time to craft a healing ritual.

We hope you might bring some friends and enter our circle, to craft your healing ritual together.

You can use everything in here; the soil, the leaves and the sticks.

Perhaps we can find a way to heal, together.


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