Nila Babla

anila bablaJPG

Through a glass darkly 

Mixed media. 

Speaking of plans to make a ‘black hole’ for my end of year exhibition elicited some strange looks from family, friends and my therapist. 

It felt however the best means of conveying the sensations that exert an almost gravitational pull when in the room with clients experiencing powerful feelings. The work has been to contain such emotions in a boundaried way, and bear with any discomfort. 

It produced in me a feeling of falling and or letting go, which in turn inspired both wonder and fear. To continue the metaphor, just like a collapsing star, no one knows what happens beyond the event horizon when we say goodbye to clients. 

The title is a reference remembered from my Theology degree: now we see things with an obscured and imperfect vision of reality, but maybe someday we’ll look back and see more clearly. 

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All this will just be memory

‘The Regressionator’ Time machine, paper mounted on card.

N.B. Stool is weight-bearing


This year has made me ponder time and memory. I find myself a vulnerable child, susceptible to old fears and passions. Our memories remembered, our memories forgotten, they mould us in unconscious ways we can’t imagine, for good or bad. Time can limit and constrain, or can liberate and permit healing. Visitors are invited to enter into a child-like environment, return to early or significant memories and make an art response if desired.


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