Kat Leggett

Embedded Excavation

Ink, clay, foam, acrylic paint, olive oil, tracing paper, fabric

This piece is a direct response after completion of my first placement in a secure forensic psychiatric unit for adolescents. The intense feelings evoked from such an environment I expressed energetically onto the tracing paper that is now displayed. the piece was then rolled up and placed aside. During this time I began to process these intense feelings; simultaneously whilst the work was undergoing a transformative process itself. After some time away from the work I felt able to return to it and explore the transformation embedded within. What is now displayed is an example of the excavated transformed pieces, and are a personal reminder of the exciting and unknowing transformative processes that occur within art psychotherapy training.





fossilSeemingly mimetic of aesthetics associated with the organic, my work explores manipulation of inorganic materials usually seen as banal and uninspiring. By further exploring themes of archaeology and uncertainty of the unknown that are continuous threads of interest within my art practice, and through the constant discovery and reworking of layers both literally and metaphorically, has enabled me to discover unforeseen and forgotten aspects of myself.



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