Hiu Yu (Nicole) Lai

‘To Hold’ and ‘To Be Held’ — 撐 與 承

PVA glue, Chinese Ink, umbrella, branches, feathers and yarn

100cm x 160cm 

Hiu Yu (Nicole) Lai_2-2

Umbrella, designed to be held by human hands, keep us ‘covered’ within this very intimate personal space. We hold it for ourselves. We hold it for others.

One of the themes of my training this year is seeking clarity and harmony in myself through stepping into turmoil. They sound contradicting, yet are closely linked. I get into the darkness, holding this space for my clients, at the same time building up my own secure base, to nest myself and be held by others. Art helped me to hold both spaces and to see myself in them, letting me feel them, understand them and keep walking with them, rain or shine.


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